Company History

C&C PetroGas Engineering (CCPGE) was established in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2005, and has been actively advancing as an engineering consulting firm since. CCPGE provides technical services for oil and gas industries, including (1) Pulsation (acoustical), mechanical, torsional vibration analysis, and skid design and structural analysis of reciprocating compressor packages; (2)  Coupled vibration analysis and design of offshore platforms, compressor packages and connected piping systems; (3) Analysis and design of LNG piping, pressure vessels and BOG compressor packages, and (4) Stress analysis and design of pipeline (buried and above ground) and plant piping systems.

Majority of the staff engineers with CCPGE have extensive professional experience working in other compressor package analysis, design and manufacturing companies, as well as international EPCM companies. Before joining CCPGE, they have participated in the API 618/API 688 design for hundreds of reciprocating compressor packages, and stress analysis and design of pipeline and piping systems in millions-to-billions dollar scale EPCM projects. Typical examples include pulsation, mechanical and torsional vibration analysis of EnCana Countess Gas Storage Facility compressor package, reported by CT2 Compressor TECH in 2006 to be the compressor package with the maximum power in Alberta, Canada at the time, and the piping stress analysis for Suncor Voyageur and CNRL Horizon hydrotreater projects.

CCPGE is proud of the excellent professional services guaranteed by highly skilled engineering experts with the use of advanced software such as ANSYS, Bentley PULS, Bentley AutoPipe, Caesar II, STAAD Pro, Solidworks Premium, AutoCAD, etc..

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