In May 2014, CCPGE successfully completed the acoustical, mechanical and torsional studies of DGY 630 BOG compressor packages per API 618, and FEA for temperature, stress and deflection distributions of DGY 630 BOG compressor cylinders. This is the first compressor package designed in China to operate with suction temperature ranging from below -160°C to above 0°C, and discharge temperature from below 0°C to over +150°C. The success of this project demonstrates the proficiency of CCPGE in API 618 design of compressor packages as well as in structural design of advanced compressor components.

In May 2014,CCPGE was partnered with a Sinopec company in China for a national project aiming to develop a gas storage reciprocating compressor and a cryogenic BOG labyrinth compressor with power over 5000 HP respectively. Both compressors will be the first product of its kind to be developed in China.

On April 21, 2014,Dr. Xu, Dr. Sun and Mr. Hu were invited by Propak Systems, Airdrie, Canada, to provide a training course on API 618 design of reciprocating compressor packages for a delegation from Jiling Oilfield, China. Dr. Xu introduced API 618 design approaches (DA1, DA2 and DA3) and their applications. He also shared his expertise on design practice of compressor packages with all attendee. Dr. Sun and Mr. Hu answered technical questions proposed by the delegation members. All attendees from Propak and delegation gave highly favourable feedback on the success of the training course.

On December 13, 2013,Dr. Xu was invited by Wuhan University, China, to give an API 618 design seminar. He was simultaneously appointed as Guest Professor in the School of Power and Mechanical Engineering at Wuhan University.


Lecture on API 618 design by Dr. Xu