Compressor Package Standardization Program

The compressor package design software was developed by CCPGE in cooperation with our client, and specializes in standardizing engineering procedure for reciprocating compressor packaging and assisting the packaging design with a variety of tools including scrubber sizing, pulsation bottle sizing, line sizing, PSV selection, choke tube sizing etc. The software is in compliance with the API, GPSA and industrial standards while also incorporates the industrial know-hows on reciprocating compressor packaging process in North American.

The program consists of two major interfaces, i.e. menu and calculation modules.

The menu provides software settings and the navigation to 8 function modules.

The data module provides the interface for the users to input the major data for compressor packaging, such as the frame, cylinders, gas composition and operating conditions. The system analyzes the input data to determine the ‘critical’ operating conditions for sizing scrubbers, pulsation bottles, lines, clamps, PSVs and choke tubes in each module respectively. All the calculated data is summarized and can be exported to a spreadsheet to assist the engineering and design of compressor packages.

Program Main Interface

Scrubber Sizing Interface

Pulsation Bottle Sizing Interface

PSV Selection Interface