Platform Analysis

Coupled vibration analysis and design of offshore platform structures, compressor packages and connected piping systems is an important business aspect of CCPGE. Platform analysis includes static analysis and dynamic analysis.

The purpose of static analysis is to calculate the static stress and deformation of offshore platform structure modules in lifting and transportation operations. The dynamic analysis calculates the vibration level, deformation and dynamic stresses of the platform structure, compressors, piping and equipment due to operation loads and environmental loads. Both static and dynamic analysis are for the purpose of improving platform structural design.

Offshore platform analysis is performed using ANSYS software. The analysis loads include weights of compressor package equipment, skid structures and piping, living loads, wind loads, snow loads, wave loads and other dynamic loads, as well as unbalanced forces and moments of drivers and compressors, pressure pulsation induced shaking forces, cylinder gas pressures, etc. Analysis results include structural deformation, vibration levels, static and dynamic stresses, etc.


平台结构的有限元模型 FEA model of off-shore platform

FEA Model of Off-shore Platform


安装在平台结构上的压缩机撬 Close-up view of compressor skids on platform

Close-up View of Compressor Skids on Platform


压缩机撬和平台结构的静态变形 Vertical deformation of platform subject to the weight of structure and equipment

Vertical Deformation of Platform Subject to the Weight of Structure and Equipment


Vibration mode shape of the platform structure (f = 12.4 hz)

Vibration Mode Shape of the Platform Structure (f = 12.4 hz)