FEA and Failure Analysis

FEA and failure analysis of mechanical equipment and piping is one of main business in CCPGE, for which ANSYS software is mainly utilized. FEA and failure analysis includes calculation of stress, deformation, fatigue and fracture characteristics of mechanical equipment and piping subject to applied loads, such as temperature, pressure, inertial force, bolt pre-loads,etc. This provides technical reference for elucidating root causes of mechanical failure and also for improvement of mechanical design. CCPGE has a successful track record for failure analysis projects, and has also published technical papers in international journals and conferences pertaining to FEA analysis.


某失效活塞在端面螺栓安装孔处的 接触应力分布 Contact stress distribution of a failure piston at its link bolt instaltion location

Contact Stress Distribution of a Broken Piston at Its Link Bolt Installation Location


compressor threaded

 FEA Model for Failure Analysis of A Compressor Threaded Connection


compressor piston damagecompressor piston damage 2

 Failure Analysis for A Broken Compressor Piston Assembly


螺栓接触应力分布计算结果 Contact stress distribution of bolt-nut fro a failure compressor part

Contact Stress Distribution of Bolt-Nut for Failure Analysis of a Compressor Part