LNG Engineering

Analysis and design of LNG cryogenic piping, pressure vessels, and BOG compressor packages is an important business in CCPGE. A significant difference between BOG compressors and traditional compressors used in gas gathering and transportation is the operating temperature of BOG compressor, which may be as low as about -165°C, resulting in particular issues related to material properties, pulsation analysis, piping layout and support design, and are required to be treated and resolved accordingly.


 model lng

Pulsation (Acoustical) Model and Calculated Pressure Pulsation Levels of a BOG Compressor Stage 1 Discharge and Stage 2 Suction System


 lng engineering

Code Stress Ratio of a BOG Compressor Piping System in a Cryogenic Operating Condition



Typical Design of Cryogenic Piping Supports for LNG Engineering