Skid Design and Structural Analysis

Skid design and structural analysis is one of main business in CCPGE. It aims to evaluate skid stress, deformation, vibration level, supporting loads, etc.

Skid design and structural analysis includes static analysis and dynamic analysis. Static analysis calculated the stress and deformation of skid in lifting and transportation operation, while dynamic analysis calculate the vibration level, dynamic stress and deformation of compressors, drivers, and skid structures. The skid supporting loads are calculated by skid static and dynamic studies.

CCPGE uses ANSYS software to perform skid design and structural analysis. The applied loads include weights of compressor packages (compressor, driver, skid, piping, etc.), unbalanced forces and moments of compressors and drivers, pressure pulsation induced shaking forces, cylinder gas pressures, wind and seismic loads, etc.

 Deformation of skid in the lifting operation

Deformation of Skid in Lifting

Vibration mode shape of the skid ( f = 31.7 Hz)

Vibration Mode Shape of Skid ( f = 31.7 Hz)

压缩机缸头的动态位移响应计算结果 Dynamic Response of Displacements at Cylinder

Dynamic Response of Displacements at Cylinder

地脚螺栓的动态力响应计算结果 Dynamic response  of Anchor Bolt Reaction Forces

Dynamic Response of Anchor Bolt Reaction Forces