Torsional Vibration Analysis

Torsional vibration analysis (TVA) is one of main business in CCPGE. The purpose of TVA is to analyze torsional vibration characteristics (i.e. dynamic torque, stress and angular distortion) of drive-coupling-compressor system under alternating compressor (and driver) torques, select an appropriate coupling, identify and solve potential torsional vibration problems, and avoid damage of compressor shafts, engine shafts, motor shafts, couplings and associated compressor oil pumps and motor fans.

TVA begins by simplifying the drive-coupling-compressor physical model into a mathematical analysis model with multiple disks with moment of inertia and connection stiffness between them. This facilitates the torsional force dynamic response analysis.


model tortional

 A Mathematical Model of Torsional Vibration Analysis



FEA Model for Calculating Torsional Stiffness of Compressor Shaft



Response of Vibratory Torque at Coupling



Harmonic Response of TVA System


calculation tortional

Calculated Vibration Amplitude Response at Compressor End