Specialized in vibration analysis, stress analysis, and engineering design, C&C PetroGas Engineering (CCPGE), with legal name “Zhong-Jia Compressor Packages and Piping Ltd.”, is an engineering consulting firm providing solutions for oil and gas industries in the following areas:

  1. Pulsation and mechanical analysis, torsional vibration analysis, skid design and structural analysis of reciprocating compressor packages, screw compressor packages and reciprocating pump packages per API 618 /API 688 /API 619 /API 674 and related standards

  2. Vibration analysis and design of piping, equipment (compressor and pump etc.) and structure on offshore platforms and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO)

  3. Vibration Analysis and design of LNG piping, pressure vessels, and BOG compressor packages

  4. Stress analysis and design of pipeline (buried and above ground) and plant piping systems

  5. Vibration measurement and trouble shooting of on-site piping, equipment (compressor and pump etc.) and structures

  6. Pipeline integrity management

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C&C PetroGas Engineering (CCPGE) was established in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2005, and has been actively advancing as an engineering consulting firm since. CCPGE provides technical services for oil and gas industries.

APEGA Permit to Practice



  1. Widely Recognized Vibration and Stress Analysis Experts. Our technical team is led by industry experts including Dr. Carl Sun and Dr. Edwin Mikulcik, whom have over 20 years of pulsation (acoustical) and mechanical analysis experience and have completed hundreds of reciprocating compressor, screw compressor and reciprocating pump package projects.

  2. Highly Creditable Performance. Have confidence in our zero record of analysis errors for analyzed compressor and pump packages.

  3. Client-Oriented Service. We strive to tailor all services to optimize client interest, as evidenced by consistently favorable client feedback. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

  4. Guaranteed Project Delivery Time. We ensure that every project is delivered within the quoted time frame while being held to the utmost standard.

  5. Competitive Service Charge. We provide top-tier service at industry-competitive rates. Please contact us today for a quote.

Dr. Sun and Dr. Mikulcik

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We are committed to providing superior technical quality along with client-oriented and globally competitive services.