Wen 23 Gas Storage 4500 kW Compressor Packages
Ariel KBZ/4 Compressor Packages on WZ12-1 Offshore Platform
Ariel JGD/2 Compressor Packages on Liuhua 16-2 FPSO
Lishui 36-1 Terminal Ariel JGC/2 Compressor Packages
YaHa Gas Injection Station 4500 kW Compressor Packages
Lufeng Offshore Piping Vibration Risk Assessment (FIT, FIP, AIV, SBC)
Lei 61 Gas Storage 4000 kW Compressor Packages
Huabei Suqiao Gas Storage 4500 kW Compressor Packages
Shuang 6 Gas Storage Ariel KBU/6 Compressors Vibration Measurement
Pulsation Animation
Mechanical Vibration of Compressor Package
Coupled Vibration of FPSO Structures
Torsional Vibration
Fatigue Analysis of Pressure Vessel
FEA & Design Optimization of Compressor Cylinders
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Who We Are

Specialized in vibration analysis, stress analysis, and engineering design, C&C PetroGas Engineering (CCPGE), with legal name “Zhong-Jia Compressor Packages and Piping Ltd.”, is an engineering consulting firm providing solutions for the oil and gas industry in the following areas:

  1. Pulsation (acoustical), mechanical, torsional and skid vibration analysis of reciprocating compressor packages, screw compressor packages, and reciprocating pump packages per API 618 /API 688 /API 619 /API 674, etc.

  2. Coupled vibration analysis of offshore platform /FPSO structures with mounted reciprocating compressors /pumps /piping systems, etc.

  3. Vibration and stress analysis of BOG compressor packages, LNG piping and pressure vessels

  4. Vibration and stress analysis of pipeline and piping systems

  5. Vibration measurement and troubleshooting of reciprocating compressor /pump packages, piping and structures

  6. FEA and integrity management of mechanical equipment, piping and structures

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