Offshore Engineering Analysis

Coupled vibration analysis of offshore platform /FPSO structures with mounted compressors /pumps /piping systems, etc. is an important business activity of CCPGE. The purpose of this analysis is to improve the design reliability of offshore platform /FPSO structures and their mounted compressors, pumps, piping systems, and other equipment.

The analysis includes static analysis and dynamic analysis. The static analysis calculates the static stresses and deformations of offshore compressor /pump packages in lifting and transportation operation. The dynamic analysis calculates the vibration levels, displacements and dynamic stresses of compressors /pumps /piping systems mounted on the platform /FPSO, taking into account the flexibility of platform /FPSO supporting structures during operating conditions.

The analysis is performed using ANSYS and STAAD Pro software. The analysis loads include weights of compressor /pump packages, piping systems and structures, live loads, wind loads, snow loads, wave loads and other dynamic loads such as the unbalanced forces and moments of drivers and compressors /pumps, pressure pulsation induced shaking forces, and compressor cylinder gas pressures, etc.

Coupled Vibration Model of Liuhua 16-2 FPSO Structures with Mounted Ariel JGD/2 Compressors

Motions of a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Module with Mounted Ariel JGD/2 Compressor

Coupled Vibration Model of BZ35-2 CEPA Offshore Platform Structures With Mounted Ariel KBK/4 Compressors

Vibration Mode of BZ35-2 CEPA Offshore Platform Structures with Mounted Ariel KBK/4 Compressors    (f = 1.5 Hz)