Offshore Engineering Analysis

Coupled vibration analysis of offshore platform /FPSO structures with mounted compressors /pumps /piping systems, etc. is an important business activity of CCPGE. The purpose of this analysis is to improve the reliability of the design of offshore platform /FPSO structures, and mounted compressors /pumps /piping systems, etc.

The analysis includes static analysis and dynamic analysis. The static analysis calculates the static stresses and deformations of offshore compressor /pump packages in lifting and transportation operation. The dynamic analysis calculates the vibration levels, displacements and dynamic stresses of compressors /pumps /piping systems mounted on the platforms /FPSOs while taking into account the flexibility of platform /FPSO supporting structures during operating conditions.

The analysis is performed using ANSYS and STAAD Pro software. The analysis loads include weights of compressor /pump packages, piping systems and structures, living loads, wind loads, snow loads, wave loads and other dynamic loads such as the unbalanced forces and moments of drivers and compressors /pumps, pressure pulsation induced shaking forces, and compressor cylinder gas pressures, etc.

Coupled Vibration Model of Liuhua 16-2 FPSO Structures with Mounted Ariel JGD/2 Compressors

Motions of a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Module with Mounted Ariel JGD/2 Compressor

Coupled Vibration Model of BZ35-2 CEPA Offshore Platform Structures With Mounted Ariel KBK/4 Compressors

Vibration Mode of BZ35-2 CEPA Offshore Platform Structures with Mounted Ariel KBK/4 Compressors    (f = 1.5 Hz)