Client Feedback

“We are happy to inform you that the vibration issue has been resolved, and our compressors are operating as expected. A comparison table of vibrations before and after the implementation of your mitigation recommendation is attached for your reference, all vibrations after implementing your recommended mitigations are within API limits. The vibration value shown in the attached table in red colour are before implementation of recommendation and simulation.

We thank you for your support and dedication to this project, we understand that due to the urgency of this project, you had to work extra-long hours to meet our tight deadlines. We pray for your success in resolving similar issues in the future. Thank you again for your excellent and professional solution.”

Muhammad Ashraf Chaudhary

General Manager, Operations & Engineering

Dewan Petroleum Pvt Ltd, Islamabad, Pakistan

July 22nd, 2019

Winner of CNPC Jichai Power Company Limited Chengdu Compressor Branch, China’s “Excellent Supplier Award in 2017”

CNPC Jichai Power Company Limited Chengdu Compressor Branch, China