Compressor Design Optimization

Design optimization and development of advanced reciprocating compressor structures is one of the key business activities of CCPGE. CCPGE is distinguished from the competitors by our expertise on not only compressor package design but also compressor structural design optimization.

Analysis, design and development of advanced compressor components and structures require a thorough understanding and accurate application of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, engineering mechanics, material mechanics, computational mechanics, compressor theory, etc., while also relying on innovative design philosophy, as well as problem analysis and solving capabilities. This is demonstrated by CCPGE through successful design optimization and development of cylinders, piston assemblies, connection rods, etc. for high pressure compressors and BOG compressors operating in both low and high gas inlet temperatures.

Temperature Distribution of a BOG Compressor Cylinder

Axial Deformation of a BOG Compressor Cylinder in Cryogenic Operating Condition

Contact Stress Distribution Between Cylinder Liner and Body for a High Pressure Compressor Cylinder

Von Mises Stress of a High Pressure Compressor Cylinder Subject to Bolt Pre-Loads and Liner Interference Fit