Compressor Design Optimization

Design optimization and development of advanced reciprocating compressor structures and components is a key part of our business. CCPGE is notable for our expertise in not only vibration analysis of compressor packages but also design optimization of compressor structures and components.

The analysis, design, and development of advanced compressor structures and components requires a comprehensive grasp and practical application of various fundamental principles, including thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, engineering mechanics, material mechanics, computational mechanics, and compressor theory. Moreover, this process calls for the incorporation of innovative design philosophies, as well as exceptional problem analysis and solving capabilities. At CCPGE, we have proven our proficiency in these areas through successful design optimization and development of cylinders, piston assemblies, connection rods, and more, catering to high pressure compressors and BOG compressors which operate at both high and low gas inlet temperatures.

Temperature Distribution of a BOG Compressor Cylinder

Axial Deformation of a BOG Compressor Cylinder in Cryogenic Operating Condition

Contact Stress Distribution Between Cylinder Liner and Body for a High Pressure Compressor Cylinder

Von Mises Stress of a High Pressure Compressor Cylinder Subject to Bolt Pre-Loads and Liner Interference Fit