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Who are we?


Specializing in vibration analysis, stress analysis, and engineering design, C&C PetroGas Engineering (CCPGE) is an engineering consulting firm providing solutions for oil and gas industries in the following areas:

1. Pulsation, mechanical, torsional vibration analysis, skid design and structural analysis of reciprocating compressor packages as per API 618/API 688 and related standards

2. Coupled vibration analysis and design of offshores platforms, compressor packages, and connected piping systems

3. Analysis and design of LNG piping, pressure vessels, and BOG compressor packages

4. Stress analysis and design of pipeline (buried and above ground) and plant piping systems


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    Widely recognized API 618 design experts
    Our technical team is lead by industry experts such as Dr. Carl Sun and Professor Edwin Mikulcik, who have over 20 years of acoustical and mechanical study experience and have completed hundreds of API 618 design for reciprocating compressor packages.
  2. 2
    Highly creditable performance
    Have confidence in our record of “zero” vibration complication for analyzed compressor packages in operation.
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    Guaranteed project delivery time
    We ensure that every project is delivered within the quoted time frame while being held to the utmost standard.
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    Competitive service charge
    We provide top-tier service at industry-competitive rates. Please contact us today for a quote.
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    Client-oriented service
    We strive to tailor all services to optimize client interest, as evidenced by consistently favorable client feedback. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Compressor R&D


Research and development of advanced reciprocating compressor frames and cylinders is one of key business in CCPGE. This highlights CCPGE from other competitors by the capability of not only compressor package design but also compressor machinery design.  [Read More …]

Pulsation and Mechanical Analysis


Pulsation (acoustical) and mechanical analysis of reciprocating compressor packages per API 618/API 688 is the core business in CCPGE. The purpose is to reduce gas pressure pulsation in the piping system, thereby avoiding compressor operation problems regarding vibration, performance, reliability, flow measurement error, etc.  [Read More …]

Skid Design and Structural Analysis


The purposes of skid design and structural analysis is to calculate the stress and deformation of skid in lifting and transportation operation, calculate the vibration level, dynamic stress and deformation of compressors, drivers, and skid structures in operation, determine skid supporting loads, and thus improve skid structural design. [Read More …]

Platform Analysis



Coupled vibration analysis and design of offshore platform structures, compressor packages and connected piping systems is an important business in CCPGE. The platform analysis includes static and dynamic analyses, for the purpose of improving platform structural design.
[

Torsional Vibration Analysis


The purposes of torsional vibration analysis is to analyze torsional vibration characteristics of drive-coupling-compressor system under alternating torques, select a suitable coupling, identify and solve potential torsional vibration problems, and avoid damages of shafts, coupling, oil pumps, motor fans, etc.  [Read More …]

LNG Engineering

lng engineering

Analysis and design of LNG cryogenic piping, pressure vessels, and BOG compressor packages is an important business in CCPGE. LNG piping, vessels, and compressor packages operate with low temperature, resulting in problems related to material properties, pulsation analysis, piping layout and support design, etc.,  [Read More …]

Pipeline and Piping Stress Analyses

pipeline and piping stress analyses

Pipeline and piping stress analyses is a main business in CCPGE. Most of our engineers, before joining in CCPGE, have participated in numerous large-scale EPCM projects, and have hands-on practical experience for these analyses.  [Read More …]

Pressure Vessels

pressure vessels

Pressure vessel analysis and design is an important business in CCPGE. The purpose of vessel analysis is to evaluate whether or not the pressure vessel design meets the requirements of ASME VIII Div 1&2 and/or other specified standards. The analysis is performed using ANSYS software.  [Read More …]

FEA and Failure Analysis


It includes calculation of stress, deformation, fatigue and fracture characteristics of mechanical equipment and components subject to applied loads – bolt pre-loads, temperature, pressure, inertial force, etc., and thus to elucidate root causes of mechanical failure, and improve mechanical product design.  [Read More …]

Vibration Testing

vibration testing

Vibration testing is an effective way to identify system dynamic characteristics and vibration source, diagnose system faults, control vibration and noise level, and solve vibration problems.  [Read More …]