On November 25, 2016, Mr. Tony Mann (Ariel Canadian Regional Account Manager – Technical Services), Mr. Walter Loeppky (Ariel Western Canadian Regional Manager), and Mr. Jonathon Pearson (member of the Ariel Western Canadian team) visited the CCPGE Calgary office on the invitation of CCPGE. During the technical meeting, Mr. Mann introduced the recent developments of Ariel compressors, such as the recently released dampers for six throw compressors, the flywheel design for torsional vibration control, and cylinder head end support mounting face design for facilitating the outboard cylinder support installation without interference with VVCP removal or installation. Dr. Lu of CCPGE introduced our proprietary combined time-domain and frequency-domain torsional study technique and software, and demonstrated their application in both engine-driven and motor-driven compressor packages. Dr. Sun and Mr. Hu introduced the API 618 pulsation design study features offered by CCPGE, including (1) the iterative pulsation study process for gas injection compressor packages to achieve more accurate and practical pulsation control design, (2) use of Ansys FEA for calculating the connection stiffness for the distance pieces connected to compressor frames, distance piece support on the skid beams, scrubber support on the skid beams, bottle nozzle connection, etc. to maximize the accuracy of mechanical study for natural frequency and forced response calculations, (3) optimization of trading off pressure drops for pulsation control to maximize the compressor performance and client’s benefits, etc.

Mr. Hu, VP of CCPGE, chaired this friendly technical discussion. Mr. Loeppky and Mr. Pearson especially recounted their past pleasant experience working with CCPGE staff members. Both parties agreed to further extend their connection and technical discussion in the future.